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Frozen yogurt is served in a wide variety of flavors and styles. We allow customers the option of adding various toppings, or of ordering their frozen yogurt in cups or in cones. It is a frozen dessert made with the cultured, fermented milk product called yogurt and sometimes other dairy products. Tart texture as well as being lower in fat. It has that certain tartness that blends well with the tangy flavor of the fruit toppings. You can indulge without guilt because this heavenly treat is low in fat and cholesterol-free.

Frozen yogurt has several characteristics that make it a better choice than ice cream. The most significant characteristic is that itís made from yogurt instead of cream, resulting in less added fat content. Furthermore, the fact that yogurt is used means that frozen yogurt is slightly easier to digest.

Youíve surely heard a lot about yogurt and its probiotic content these days with the rise of products like
Activia and DanActive.

What's Great about Frozen Yogurt?

Frozen yogurt is definitely a better alternative and an excellent choice compared to ice cream because it has less fat, light and easy to digest. The most significant characteristic of frozen yogurt is its Probiotic content known to help digestion and boosts the bodyís immune system. The lactose in frozen yogurt is also generally easier to break down than the lactose in ice cream, making it a better alternative to individuals who are lactose intolerant.

Nutrition facts

Regular frozen yogurt 1 small scoop 2.09 fat (g) 12.53 carbs (g) 1.74 protein (g) 74 calories

Low fat frozen yogurt 1 small scoop 0.98 fat (g) 13.15 carbs (g) 3.15 protein (g) 72 calories

Nonfat or fat free frozen yogurt 1 small scoop 0.22 fat (g) 11.61 carbs (g) 1.99 protein (g) 55 calories

Probiotic Flavour

Strawberry with Rainbow

Mango with Crispy Granola

Mango Yogury

Banana with Strawberry Boba


Medium - $5.95

Large - $6.75

Sensational Flavour

Strawberry Mango

Mango Tango

Very Berries

Oreo Lovers

Strawberry Banana

Pina Colada

Medium - $6.25

Large - $6.95



Chocolate Chips


Fresh Fruits

Chunky Granola

Sweet Coconut

M & M

Chocolate Dips

Popping Boba

Additional Fresh Fruit add $1.50
Reg. Toppings add $1.00