What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea is a sweetly flavored tea beverage invented in Taiwan. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble tea concoctions are tea based mixed with fruit or fruit syrup or milk. Ice blended versions of the drink are also available, usually in fruit flavors. Bubble teas usually contain small tapioca balls or pearls called “boba”. Depending on your preferences, the teas can be served warm or cool.


Bubble Tea drinks can have green tea or red tea as base or you can go for the white tea based concoction infused with delicious fruit flavorings using a shaker to mix the ingredients, creating a foam on the top of some varieties, hence the name. The tapioca pearls or “boba” have a tasty caramel flavor that blends well with the flavor of the tea itself.


There are many ways a Bubble tea drink is served. We can serve hot or cold, real fruit or powdered flavor or even in a smoothie or slushy form. Bubble Tea popularity is true and not a fashion because it is so diverse in itself to accommodate different scopes of people in any market. It’s a great alternative to coffee. Have a Hot Bubble Tea in the winter or cold one on a hot summer day. It is a very refreshing drink.


Bubble Tea is the newest tea craze to Canada. Bubble Tea North brings this cult drink into the heart of Yellowknife. Our company is committed in bringing the best tasting bubble tea beverages that has gained a huge following throughout Europe, the USA and all of Asia as well.

Bubble Tea North has been in the business since 2009 offering the best tasting bubble tea beverages, snow ice, shakes and flavorful blended beverages, coffee, tea and frozen yogurt in downtown Yellowknife. We offer both wholesale and retail sales as well as discounted prices for special events and parties.

Smoothie Bubble Tea in different flavors







Coconut Milk

Green Apple

Green Tea

Green Coconut






Pasion Fruit


12oz. $5.75

16oz. $7.75

24oz. $9.75

tax included


Black Milk Tea





Chai Tea

(Raspberry, Spiced Chai)


(Espresso, Java Chips, Kona Mocha, Red Bean, Salted Caramel)

Regular Mix Flavoured Bubble Tea

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Mango

Mango Pineapple

Strawberry Kiwi

Banana Pineapple

Lychee Mango

Taro Coconut Milk

16oz. $6.75

24oz. $9.75

With your choice of Tapioca Pearl, Jelly, Nata de Coco, Popping boba