About Us

Bubble Tea North is committed in bringing the best tasting bubble tea beverages, snow ice, shake and blended beverages, coffee, tea and frozen yogurt in downtown Yellowknife since 2009. We offer both wholesale or discount price needs for homes, special events and parties. Our variety of flavors and products makes it easy for enjoyment or adding to your existing menu.

There are many ways a Bubble tea drink is served. We can serve hot or cold, real fruit or powdered flavor or even in a smoothie or slushy form. Bubble Tea popularity is true and not a fashion because it is so diverse in itself to accommodate different scopes of people in any market. Itís a great alternative to coffee. Have a Hot Bubble Tea in the winter or cold one on a hot summer day. It is a very refreshing drink.

Your complete solution to your bubble tea needs! From hot to cold milk teas and coffee, we can offer you quality unique drinks. Choose from traditional, creamy, milky bubble tea drinks in a variety of flavours in either blended, shaken or snow ice and textures of tapioca pearl, jellies, lychees, choobees and popping boba. There are also variety of toppings that you can add such as fruit jam, sweet beans, popping boba, fruit grain flavor, ice cream and many more!

Bubble Tea is the newest tea craze to Canada. Bubble Tea North brings this cult drink into the heart of Yellowknife. Our company is committed in bringing the best tasting bubble tea beverages that has gained a huge following throughout Europe, the USA and all of Asia as well.